The Team


Parker Meredith is a gear fanatic and audio freak, ready and able to help you achieve your musical vision. He is constantly studying diverse music genres,  continually learning to produce and mix all styles… and even combining diverse styles and sounds into beautiful and unique creations. In addition to making music, Parker is a gifted web designer with a focus on marketing and social media integration that helps clients connect with audiences and see results. If you have questions regarding the technical aspects of modern music production or want to chat about web stuff, he is def the guy to talk to. email parker


Kim-Char Meredith brings her three decades of professional music business experience to MPAKT Music & Media. As a seasoned singer-songwriter and indie artist, she understands fellow artists and how to support them as they make their recording dreams a reality. As a producer, Kim-Char has a particular passion for working with newer artists as they navigate the world of recording, marketing, and promotion. If you have questions about the recording process, copyright, etc. feel free to shoot her an email.


Our Vision is to build supportive relationships with Artists, Music Producers, Recording Studios, and other Businesses and to contribute to a thriving musical community within Naperville and the sphere of our ever-growing influence.


Our Mission is to provide quality services that equip businesses and artists with incredible products that spread music and goodness in the world.